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Undergraduate Program

The School offers undergraduate degrees with majors in Russian Language & Literature. The undergraduate degree requires 130 credits, which can normally be completed in 4 years on a full-time basis.

130 credits translate into 45 credits of major courses including 12 credits of required courses which are Microeconomics, Russian Grammar 3, Classics of Russian Literature, History of Russian Literature, Russian Morphology. A full time load is between 12 to 19 credits per semester.

A semester consists of 15 weeks 
Year Course Number Course Title Credit
1 RUSS221 Elementary Practice of Russian Language 2
RUSS224 Exercise in Russian Grammar 1 2
RUSS225 Exercise in Russian Grammar 2 2
RUSS242 Russian Phonetic Practice 2
RUSS316 Russian Grammar 1 3
RUSS317 Russian Grammar 2 3
2 CUCD302 Cinema and Literature 3
RUSS318 Russian Grammar 3 3
RUSS319 Introduction to Russian Linguistics 3
RUSS325 Classics of Russian Literature 3
RUSS326 History of Russian Literature 3
RUSS334 Readings in Russian 1 3
RUSS335 Readings in Russian 2 3
RUSS345 Understanding Modern Russian Society 1 3
RUSS346 Understanding Modern Russian Society 2 3
RUSS354 Russian Composition 3
3 RUSS414 Russian Morphology 3
RUSS417 Cultural Context in Russian 3
RUSS422 Russian Novel 3
RUSS424 Russian Poetry (Capstone Design) 3
RUSS445 Advanced Russian Conversation 3
RUSS453 Modern Russian Society & Media 3
RUSS502 Advanced Russain Grammar 3
RUSS503 Russian Writers 3
3 RUSS506 Study of Russian World(Capstone Design) 3
RUSS507 Far Eastern Area Studies 3
RUSS508 Siberian Area Studies 3
TCHR480 Teaching Logic & Writing : Russian 3
TCHR591 Theories of Russian Education 3
TCHR592 Studies of Russian Educational Materials and Teaching Methods 3
 4 RUSS504 History of Russian Language (Capstone Design) 3
RUSS515 Russian Arts and Culture (Capstone Design) 3
RUSS516 Selected Readings in Russia-Eurasia Region 3
RUSS518 Politics and Economy of Russia 3
RUSS524 Russain Drama 3

- Graduate Program
For information about Graduate Program of the Department of Russian Language & Literature, please contact Professor Kim, Jung Il
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